Is calcium score really that important?

calcium score in West Orange, NJ

For those of you who are hearing the term calcium score for the first time, let me brief you up a little bit. It is very self explanatory, calcium score is basically the score of calcium that is present in your body. It is used to reflect the calcium density in a specific part of your body. If your score comes out to be zero, then you have no calcium present in your heart. Having a low or next no none calcium score means that you are not at the risk of getting a heart attack anytime soon, if there is a high score of calcium then the risk of heart attack also increases. You can check your calcium score in West Orange, NJ.

The thing about this is that once your calcium score is measured and it comes high, there is no way of reducing it. It can go on increasing however, if cholesterol or plague is found in your arteries. If you maintain this and with proper medication your calcium score can stay static. When the score comes upto 400, it’s then that it means that you have a buildup of plague or cholesterol and are at risk of a heart attack in the next five years. But generally any score that comes above 50 is a worrisome score and you need to show a doctor.

Food items that you can cut back on when your calcium score is high.

  • Cottage cheese.
  • Ice-cream.
  • Basically avoid all dairy products.

There is a medical test known as coronary calcium scan (CT) scan test that is done to determine the exact score of calcium and it determines if a person has any serious heart disease. You don’t need to go under severe medical procedures to get this test done. The scores of calcium are mostly found to be zero in younger patients, but once you turn 40 it is a must to get this test done. The main purpose of the coronary calcium scan (CT) is to detect any severe coronary artery diseases.


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