Shopping computers and tablets for gaming

Shopping computers and tablets for gaming

Purchasing a computer for the first time can be a trick if you do not know what to look for to identify the best computer for your gaming. There are five; significant components that are important and that you need to put into consideration before you purchase computers & tablets at The Good Guys. These hardware components are the determiners of whether your computer will serve you a long time or not. The five of them are listed below.

The operating system

To start with, for a computer tablet to run, it has to have an operating system. Currently, the widely known operating system is windows which are widely used by gamers. You may prefer to buy a computer with pre-installed windows or buy a duplicate of windows where you will be required to build your PC. 

The processor

The core of the computer is the CPU or the central processing unit. It is important to look for a faster processor. Usually, its speed is measured using GHz the Gigahertz. The speed determines the pricing of the processor. Before purchasing a computer, it is therefore wise that you first identify what you are planning to do with it.

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The hard drive

Programs, files, and other vital data are stored in the hard drive of a computer tablet. There are two types of hard drives available on the market today since January 2014. These are the solid-state and the hard disk drives. Solid-state drives are more expensive and faster compared to hard disk drives. When choosing a hard disk, the core factors to consider are size and speed.


The RAM is commonly known as the memory, which works in a cycle with the CPU. The RAM determines the operating speed of your computer. However, before purchasing RAM, it is important to make sure that it suits your motherboard. RAM quantity and size are measured in gigabytes. Purchase a machine with not less than four gigabytes for typical computing tasks

The graphics card 

The component that holds the processing of a video in your machine is the graphics card. There two main types, which are dedicated and integrated. The dedicated graphics are installed in your computer separately while the combined are inbuilt on the motherboard. The most powerful graphics card is dedicated. Therefore, you are recommended to purchase the dedicated card if you plan to play games or edit videos on your computer.Conclusion 


In conclusion, if you are a gamer looking to buy the best computer, we recommend computers & tablets at The Good Guys. You should be knowledgeable about what you need. Being in a world full of copyright information is crucial. This way you will save both money and time.


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